Welcome to the Heritage Carvers. 

The carvers are a group of men and women who delve into all aspects of woodcarving. We have members doing relief carving and carving in the round including birds, fish, other wildlife and caricature carvings. Our club meets once per week in the evening for three hours. At the club, only hand tools (knives and chisels) are used.  However many members carve using power tools at home.

The club regularly offers lessons to beginners.  These lessons are designed to teach the basics of knife and chisel carving as well as rudimentary painting techniques.  The lessons are offered at a reasonable cost and include instruction, wood and the use of carving tools while at the club.  The lessons are during the club meetings and run from September through to April. Beginners complete two projects during their lessons.

The club offers an “advanced club project” each year in which members can choose to participate.  Past projects have included carving and painting: a rainbow trout, a carousel horse head cane topper, a walking grizzly bear, a large format seahorse and a kestrel. 

We are located in Wainfleet, Ontario.

For further information about the club, please contact one of the people below

Gerry  gbell9@cogeco.ca

Ron   ron.greenwood47@gmail.com

John   jbdonaldson@ymail.com